At Mark R. Connell, Attorney at Law, we help people plan ahead to protect their hard-earned assets, but we also help people who need to figure out how to pay for long-term care right now. We meet clients wherever they are in the estate planning and elder law process throughout Connecticut. Take a look at our services and practice areas here.

Elder LawElder Law

It’s never too soon to think about what will happen to the assets and property you have amassed over a lifetime if you or your spouse end up in a nursing home. After all, nursing homes can cost $400 a day and more. Do you have the means to pay that cost and still leave a legacy for your family? Most of us don’t. With the guidance of elder law attorney Mark R. Connell, however, you can take steps now to protect your hard-earned assets and leave something behind for the next generation.

Whether you’re newly retired and planning ahead or are currently in crisis, Mark will help you make the best of your situation. Collecting important documents, looking at various trust options, and spending down or transferring assets are all options he will review with you. Contact Mark R. Connell, Attorney at Law, LLC today to put a plan in place that gives you the peace of mind you need to enjoy what should be your golden years.

Estate PlanningEstate Planning

Estate planning comes with a lot of uncertainty. What can I do to preserve my quality of life while leaving a legacy for my family? What are the tax rules I need to be cautious of when selling my business or transferring my assets? How do I protect myself from lawsuits? How can I help my family handle an inheritance? Estate planning attorney Mark Connell works with people at all stages of life and all levels of wealth to develop plans to protect assets and establish a legacy after they are gone. 

Estate planning is a process that continues throughout your life, and you want an attorney you can count on to keep you informed—and ensure your plan continues to meet your needs—as life throws you curveballs. Remember, you don’t need to see the entire path to take that first step, and it’s never too soon to get started. Get in touch with my Branford office today, and I’ll help you develop a plan to make sure your wishes are carried out. I’m here for you today to plan for your tomorrow.

Business Formation & SuccessionBusiness Formation & Succession

You’ve worked hard to build your business into a success, and you want it to continue after you’re gone. Have you done enough to protect it from liability and make sure it can survive your death or incapacity or other life-changing events? When you meet with Branford business formation and succession planning attorney Mark R. Connell, you’ll get an analysis of your situation and advice on what you can do now to protect your company in the future.

In my business formation and succession planning practice, I help business owners choose the appropriate entity to protect their assets, take steps to protect shareholders from liability, negotiate operating agreements, and help with the difficult and complex decisions about succession plans and exit strategies. As a business owner myself, I understand the dreams and goals you have for your company and draw on my legal training and business experience to help you realize them.


The purpose of probate estate settlement is to ensure the deceased person’s final financial obligations are paid and any remaining assets are distributed according to their wishes, or according to Connecticut intestate laws if no estate planning was done. Some estates are very involved, some will only require simple probate, and, in fact, certain assets avoid probate altogether. As an experienced probate attorney, I can help you navigate this process so you can be sure that, whether you’re an executor or beneficiary, you can get through the process in one piece with a minimum of stress.

Settling an estate in Connecticut can get complicated and costly very quickly. Having an attorney on your side from the beginning is the best way to make sure your loved one’s wishes are respected, and your interests are protected. Contact my Branford, Connecticut office to find out how you can make the probate process as painless as possible.